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CHAP TER 20 Digital Evidence on Mobile Devices Eoghan Casey and Benjamin Turnbull Mobile devices such as cell phones and smart phones have become an integral part of peoples’ daily lives, and as such, they are prone to facilitating criminal CONTENTS activity or otherwise being involved when crimes occur. No other computing Mobile Device device is as personal as the mobile phone, effectively providing a computer in Forensics .....................2 a pocket. Whereas computers, laptops, servers, and game machines might have Types of Evidence many users, in the vast majority of cases, mobile devices generally belong to on Mobile Devices ......6 an individual. Handling Mobile Although compact, these handheld devices can contain personal informa- Devices as Sources tion including call history, text messages, e-mails, digital photographs, videos, of Evidence ................16 calendar items, memos, address books, passwords, and credit card numbers. Forensic These devices can be used to communicate, exchange photographs, connect to Preservation of social networks, blog, take notes, record and consume video and audio, sketch, Mobile Devices..........19 access the Internet, and much more. As the technology develops, higher data Forensic Examination transmission rates are allowing individuals to transfer more data (e.g., digital and Analysis of video), and the computing power in these devices enables us to use them in Mobile Devices..........29 much the same way as we used laptop systems over the past decade. Because Forensic Acquisition these devices fit in a pocket or bag, they are often carried wherever a person and Examination goes and can be used to determine a person’s whereabouts at a particular time. of SIM Cards ..............38 This rapid development of mobile computing and communication technology Investigative creates opportunities for criminals and investigators alike. Reconstruction Using Mobile The information stored on and associated with mobile devices can help address Devices ......................40 the crucial questions in an investigation, revealing whom an individual has Future Trends ...........42 been in contact with, what they have been communicating about, and where they have been. Sexual predators can use a mobile device to make initial con- Summary ...................43 tact with victims, exchange photographs or videos, and groom victims, creating References .................44 a vivid cybertrail for digital investigators to follow. Mobile devices have been instrumental in solving homicides, are used by terrorists for reconnaissance and coordination, can be used to smuggle contraband across borders, and are frequently found in prisons despite being prohibited. Members of major criminal organizations and gangs use mobile devices to coordinate activities 1 Digital Evidence and Computer Crime, Third Edition © 2011 Eoghan Casey. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 2 CHAPTER 20: Digital Evidence on Mobile Devices and share information, even when they are in prison, and digital investigators can gain significant insights into these groups using information from their mobile devices. Information on mobile devices can also be of use in serious crimes when a person of interest may not realize that they are carrying a mobile device or not thinking of it as a source of incriminating digital evidence. CASE EXAMPLE: POCKET-DIAL M FOR MURDER Ronald Williams killed his wife Mariama, apparently in a fit The recording on his wife’s voicemail captured him stating of rage after learning that she had an affair. Unbeknownst that he was going to kill her, followed by her screams and to Williams, his cell phone pocket-dialed his wife’s cell their 2-year-old daughter pleading with Williams to stop phone during the crime and the call went to voicemail. (Krueger, 2011). The increasing computational power of mobile devices has afforded even greater uses, and with that, greater potential for misuse. For instance, some mobile devices are optimized for data acqu

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