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JBQ Lesson 2 Tower of Babel! God Establishes His Covenant Topic: The Flood and After Lesson Lesson 216 Bible Fact-Pak Questions FOLLOW GOD’S WAY 38, 39 535 (The Tower of Babel) Scripture references: Genesis 10 and 11; God changed all this when He saw the Proverbs 14:12 high tower they were building. He decided After the Flood, Noah’s sons had children, to confuse their language so they wouldn’t then they had children. Soon the world understand each other. began to be filled with people again. Then Imagine your teacher is reading this les- they began to turn away from God. son to you. Suddenly the teacher starts talk- ing in another language. The teacher say, 1. The Tower “Hola, clase. Hoy estudiamos la lección diez As the years went by, people stopped lov- y seis.” Would you know what your teacher ing and worshipping God. They got together said? (Hello, class. Today we are studying and decided to build a great city and a high lesson sixteen.) tower that “reaches to the heavens” (Genesis Confusion resulted! This was the reason 11:4). They wanted this tower to be a center the tower was called Babel, which means point where all the people could become “confusion.” The building of the city and the famous for their work together to reach tower stopped immediately. The people gath- heaven. ered together in groups that could still The people did not want to be scattered understand each other. The language groups over all the earth (Genesis 11:4). But God’s moved away and scattered across the earth. command to the first man and woman was BFP: 39 to fill the whole earth. By building this great city and high tower, the people were 3. God’s Way Is the Right Way disobeying God. The people had disobeyed God because God could not allow them to continue. He they wanted to “make a name” for them- took a drastic measure to stop the building. selves (Genesis 11:4) instead of honoring BFP: 38 God’s name. In building the tower, they wanted either to honor a false god or to 2. Confusion and Separation honor God in a false way. God does not live Have you ever heard someone speak in earthly temples and He does not want us another language? Could you understand to worship images or self. what the person said? If someone said to The people of Babylon followed their own you, “Buenos dias,” would you know what thoughts and plans in trying to become that meant? great. The Book of Proverbs tells us that we After the Flood, everyone spoke the same should not trust our own way. Only by fol- language. Because everyone could under- lowing God’s ways can we do what is right. stand one another, they were able to do BFP: 535 great things together. © 2007 Gospel Publishing House, 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802. Permission to duplicate for classroom use only. Scripture quotations marked (NIV) are taken f

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