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ICC CODE CORNER 2015 International Fire Code® Reprinted for Campus Fire Safety e-NewZone with permission from the International Code Council (ICC) _________________________________________________________ SECTION 609 when tested at an 609.3.2 Grease exhaust flow rate of 500 extractors. Where grease COMMERCIAL KITCHEN cfm (0.236 m3/s) in extractors are installed, HOODS accordance with UL they shall be operated [M] 609.1 General. 710B. when the commercial- Commercial kitchen type cooking equipment exhaust hoods shall is used. comply with the 609.3 Operations and requirements of the maintenance. International Mechanical Commercial cooking 609.3.3 Cleaning. Hoods, Code. systems shall be grease-removal devices, operated and maintained fans, ducts and other [M] 609.2 Where in accordance with appurtenances shall be required. A Type I hood Sections 609.3.1 through cleaned at intervals as shall be installed at or 609.3.4. required by Sections above all commercial 609.3.3.1 through cooking appliances and 609.3.3.3. domestic cooking 609.3.1 Ventilation appliances used for system. The ventilation commercial purposes system in connection 609.3.3.1 Inspection. that produce grease with hoods shall be Hoods, grease-removal vapors. operated at the required devices, fans, ducts and Exception: A Type I hood rate of air movement, other appurtenances shall not be required for and classified grease shall be inspected at an electric cooking filters shall be in place intervals specified in appliance where an when equipment under a Table 609.3.3.1 or as approved testing agency kitchen grease hood is approved by the fire provides documentation used. code official. Inspections that the appliance shall be completed by effluent contains 5 qualified individuals. mg/m3 or less of grease ICC CODE CORNER 2015 International Fire Code® Reprinted for Campus Fire Safety e-NewZone with permission from the International Code Council (ICC) _________________________________________________________ 609. Tags. When a commercial kitchen hood or duct system is inspected, a tag containing the service provider name, address, telephone number and date of service shall be provided in a conspicuous location. Prior tags shall be covered or removed. TABLE 609.3.3.1 609.3.3.3 Records. 609.3.4 Extinguishing Records for inspections system service. COMMERCIAL COOKING shall state the individual Automatic fire SYSTEM INSPECTION and company performing extinguishing systems FREQUENCY the inspection, a protecting commercial description of the cooking systems shall be inspection and when the serviced as required in 609.3.3.2 Grease inspection took place. Section 904.12.6. accumulation. If during Records for cleanings the inspection it is found shall state the individual that hoods, grease-

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