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VERIFONE HQTM RELEASE NOTES Release Notes for Verifone HQTM Release 8 Product: Verifone HQTM Server Version: 2.08 UI Version: 2.08 VHQ agent: 2.08 Release Date: 14 Apr 2015 © 2015 by Verifone Inc. All rights reserved Description of fix, enhancement or new feature Server and GUI Improved VHQ Search feature with quick search, advanced search, additional search attributes, and the option to save search criteria to be used in the future. Now the VHQ search results will not 1 automatically carry forward to all VHQ screens, since the search option is provided in all the relevant VHQ screens. Support for download automation of VOS (MX9, UX models) and Vx EVO bundles (TGZ/ZIP files), where the main bundle can contain multiple bundles within it. However, each of the bundles within the main 2 bundle cannot contain bundles within it. VHQ Release 7 only supported VOS bundles that contained one bundle within the main bundle, although it supported “bundle of bundles” only for Vx EVO devices. 3 Additional audit logging of various activities performed within the GUI Ability to perform tasks such as cancelling a Download, closing Alerts, etc., from within the Device 4 Profile Enhanced password management features such as password expiry, validity of temporary password, 5 etc., when the “VHQ authentication” option is used for managing the VHQ users. 6 Support for Diagnostic Actions and Diagnostic Profile for Vx Evo devices. The following features related to VHQ alerts have been introduced: • VHQ supports the option to automatically close certain alerts, when a new alert of the same type is generated for the same device. • VHQ supports the option to configure the timeout value that is used for generating the 7 following alerts: “Download failed”, “Install failed”, “Content Replace failed”, and “Device Missing”. • VHQ server generates "Device tamper" alert, when VHQ Agent sends "Tamper" notification as part of key-exchange (device registration) message. Application Statistics: The application statistics that are collected by VHQ Agent and sent to VHQ server are displayed under the "Application Attributes" section in VHQ device profile. 8 A new report is now available in VHQ called "Device Application Statistics" to display this data for several devices. VHQ server will retain multiple instances of the application statistics that are uploaded from the devices, based on the data retention period configured in VHQ server. Support for Automated Differential Download. VHQ now provides the ability to download only the 9 updated ZIP/TGZ file from among a larger ZIP/TGZ file zip file, for Vx Evo devices and VOS (MX9, UX) devices. Download Scheduler for capacity distribution/planning: When scheduling downloads, it is now possible to provide a date range within which to perform the downloads. The server will create a schedule based 10 on available resources and distribute across the date/time range. The device time zone must be correctly set in VHQ server, else the download scheduling will not be accurate, as VHQ server will Release Notes for VHQ 2 assume that device time zone is the same as VHQ server time zone, when it calculates the download scheduled to be assigned to a device. Additional Columns in Search Results: Additional columns such as Last Heartbeat, Agent version, OS 11 version, and Location ID are now available for selection from Search Results page. Reports: Additional reports with the ability to add custom reports (requires Verifone Professional Services to create the additional reports). VHQ now provides an option for users to subscribe to any of 12 the VHQ reports in PDF/CSV/Excel formats, and the reports will be automatically e-mailed to the selected users at the specified frequency, like daily, weekly, etc. Support for Parameter Management: Parameters can now be downloaded to terminals in the following 13 supported formats: config.sys/config.$$$ format, ADK InfoService hierarchical format, POINT-NA format. VHQ server now supports XML format for device and hierarchy import, in addition to the ".csv" format. 14 VHQ server also supports the export of device information in XML format. In VHQ Release 7, the VHQ GUI screen gets blanked out if user does not wait for all the VHQ charts in the VHQ dashboard to completely load, before user navigates to another tab in VHQ GUI. This issue has 15 been fixed in VHQ Release 8, and now the VHQ GUI will not allow a user to navigate to another tab in VHQ GUI until all the char

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