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USER MANUAL OF KL8300 SYSTEM Carefully read all of the instructions before enjoying the spa. WARNING: Operating the system without water will cause severe damage. WARNING: SHOCK HAZARD! No user serviceable parts. Do not attempt to service this control. Contact your dealer or service center for assistance. Follow all user’s manual instructions. Installation must be performed by a certified licensed electrician and all grounding connections must be properly installed. 1. Illustration to buttons F HEAT ONOFF MEM MINUTE VOL F/ C HOUR Fig. 1: Control panel MINUTE Minute setting System ON-OFF / Setting confirm HOUR Hour setting CD/DVD ON/ OFF F/ C ℉ or ℃ Switch Blower ON/ OFF Set circulation cleaning time LED Light ON/ OFF Set pre-heating time Massage pump 1 ON/ OFF Setting switch Massage pump 2 ON/ OFF 24-hours circulation cleaning ON/OFF Massage pump 3 ON/ OFF Heater ON/ OFF Temperature setting Note:Function of buttons with blue color can only be operated under the standby status。 2. Function Summary (1)Max. 6 KW heating system, set pre-heating, set and display temperature. 1 USER MANUAL OF KL8300 SYSTEM (2)Max. four massage pumps, one circulation pump and one blower. (3)Automatic color-changing or color-fixed LED lighting system & ozone disinfection system. (4)24-hour circulation time or programmed circulation time. (5)24-hour system clock and time setting. (6)Memory preserve once power failure. (7)Fahrenheit & Celsius degree switch. (8)Anti-freezing function. (9)Keys with backlight (10) Compatible for three-phase or single-phase, 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz or 380-400VV/50-60Hz. (11) Choice with “CD” function, offering an AC supply for circumscribing DVD or TV (12) Wire jumper switch 3. Operations (1) First power up: The backlight of control panel will be bright and the LCD will show the current time and temperature. It will show “E1” if the temperature sensor is disconnected or short-circuited. When the bottom show "---", it indicates that the status of the system is in “Standby Mode” and the pre-heating and programmed circulation cleaning are on OFF status. Fig. 2: Normal temperature. Fig. 3: Temperature sensor disconnected or short-circuited (2) Operation to Power ON/ OFF Pressing the key will enter from ON Status to “Standby Mode” or from “Standby Mode” to ON Status. You can identify the ON Status to “Standby Mode” from below figures. OFF OFF Fig. 4: Standby MODE Fig. 5: ON status (3) Clock setting operation: In the status of “Standby Mode” and the pre-heater and circulation cleaning are shut down, 2 USER MANUAL OF KL8300 SYSTEM MINUTE HOUR pressing” ” or “ ” can start clock setting. The signal of ":" doesn’t flash but Minute and Hour HOUR flash at this time. It will increase 1 hour when pressing “ ” every time,and the hours could be HOUR increasing continually when pressing the “ ” without stop。The hour adjustment range is 0~23. MINUTE In the status of clock setting, it will increase 1 minute when pressing " ” every time, and the minutes MINUTE could be increasing continually when pressing the " " without stop. The minute adjustment range of the minute is 0~59. The system will quit the clock-setting status automatically after 6 seconds without pressing. (4) Program circulation-cleaning time: Circulation-cleaning only works one time every day. The LCD can show clearly whether circulation-cleaning is set or not. See following Figures: Fig. 6: Circulation-cleaning off

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